CASA SHaW's Masked Marvels Walk/Run-a-thon

Today - right now - you can join our movement to Change A Child's Story by providing advocacy to create stability for foster children removed from their homes due to abuse and neglect.


How does moving for CASA SHaW support abused and neglected children?

Children without the support of a CASA volunteer frequently move 4 to 6 times from home to home within their first year of foster care. CASA volunteers help stabilize the transition.

What do CASA volunteers do?

CASA volunteers meet monthly with their assigned child(ren) and meet as needed with key people related to that child's life - such as teachers, doctors, foster parents, and counselors - in order to have a complete picture of the child's circumstance. The CASA reports back to the Family Judge to let them know how the child is doing and communicates concerns and recommendations that they have about the child. CASAs are independent "eyes and ears" for the Family Judge.

So, let’s get moving!


Here are the basics:

1) Set Your Goal: Being removed from your family and friends is isolating and challenging.  It is a HARD  period of time and it looks different for everyone. We encourage you to pick a goal that is hard for you – is it a mile, 5 miles, 20 miles, or maybe 100 miles? Walk, run, hike, or wheel your way there. Set a goal that will be challenging for you to complete over the Masked Marvels 6 weeks. But don’t make it too challenging – pick something you can handle!

2) Set Up Your Page: On GoFundMe Charity you can set up your own fundraising page complete with photos of you, your story, and you can share why you chose to join the movement.

3) Get the Word Out: Every Masked Marvel Participant is committed to raising funds to support advocacy for abused and neglected children. (There are prizes for the most funds raised!). Reach out to the people you know to support your goal. You can get 10 people to give $10, 4 people to give $25, 2 to for $50, or any combination in between.

4) Get Moving: Get out there between October 18-November 30th and hit your goals! (While social and physical distancing, of course!). Tag us in your photos in our Masked Marvels Facebook Group, on Twitter @CASA_SHaW or on Instagram @casa_shaw. Use the hashtag #maskedmarvels when posting on social! 

Masked Marvels, we are so excited to see what you do!