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Meet an Advocate

Meet a CASA

We are CASA because...

There are 2-year-olds walking down the middle of the street in January with nothing on but a diaper. If not me, who? 
- Suzanne Wegner Reeds, CASA SHaW -

I love and respect kids. I want each of them to have the best life possible. 
- Kathy LaFerrara, CASA SHaW -

Every child deserves a helping hand. 
- Dave Giuliani, CASA SHaW -

As a foster grandmother, I see how traumatized kids need an advocate because they are all just trying to make it the best they can, despite what has happened to them. 
- Nancy Wilson, CASA SHaW -

I want to make a difference. I want to be the voice for the child whose voice has been silenced. 
- Sue Dolci, CASA SHaW -

I am hoping to make a difference in this difficult world of ours. I hope to be the voice of a child who can't speak up for herself (himself) and to help and to protect them. 
- Jan Romanczyk, CASA SHaW -

Children are our most precious resource and helping ensure that they are safe, cared for and cared about is truly a goal to be embraced. 
- Nan Frankel, CASA SHaW -

I help the children but also have an impact on their families.
- Olan L. Abrams, CASA SHaW -

All children deserve to have someone in their corner.
- Nancy Strickland, CASA SHaW -

A child deserves to feel they matter and if I can provide that feeling by being present and caring for their concerns, I've done a small but important step toward helping them move forward in a positive direction.
- Terrie Ayres, CASA SHaW -

I believe that EVERY child has the inherent right to grow up with love and safety. They deserve to have their needs met. Children who don’t have these things need an advocate to help them fill those voids. I want to be that person.
- Tracey Heisler, CASA SHaW -

I want to be part of the solution. I am a CASA because in an often uncaring world children need to be cared for and shown that they are respected and valued and that their lives matter to others. I am a CASA because I feel I have something to share.
- Elisabeth Fuccello, CASA SHaW -

When the one who is supposed to fight for you can't or won't someone needs to.
- Dena Dahl, CASA SHaW -

I want to help a few kids have a chance at normalcy. Maybe I can say something or do something that for a brief, important, moment obstructs the legacy of trauma for something better.
- Steve Heller, CASA SHaW -

Children everywhere deserve a childhood where they can grow up in a safe, healthy and loving environment amidst caring and trustworthy guardians. As a CASA, I feel I can help promote such an environment and hopefully, in doing so, the foster children I work with can receive the services and support they need so they can develop into confident, happy, productive adults who reach towards their dreams.
- Kim Coombs, CASA SHaW -

I have been blessed in my life with a supportive and loving family, and want that for every child.
- Laurie Marsh, CASA SHaW -

I want to contribute to the voice of the vulnerable through out the community.
- Mary Burke, CASA SHaW -

I want to help others receive the services they are entitled to, so they can move on from difficult situations and find the confidence, strength and support they need.
- Dottie Cassimatis, CASA SHaW -

After years of raising my three children on my own, I searched for a way to give back - for the good fortune that I had to have all three of them become successful, contributing and happy adults. Twenty one years ago, CASA was the perfect solution. I had a chance to help achieve the same for other children. Since then I have been a CASA for 13 different children. I may in some way have changed all of their lives - but not nearly as much as they and their families have changed mine."
- Pam Harrington, CASA SHaW -

I have a passion for children. My heart ached when I would read abuse/neglect stories in the newspaper. As a person of action, I decided to do something about it, not just complain about it. So, I googled volunteer work with kids and found CASA. I think I may have read an article about CASA a long time ago as well. The bottom line is that children don't ask to be born. They can't help the circumstances they are born to. As a wealthy society, we have a responsibility to help children. After all they only know what they live. We need to show them a better way. We need to give all children the chance to reach their potential.”
- Diane Lefebvre, CASA SHaW -

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