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Our Vision

Every child needs and has the right to be safe, have a permanent home, and realize the opportunity to not merely survive but thrive. Learn More.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all mail has been forwarded to the Executive Director's home.  Some pieces of mail have instead been returned to the sender with no forwarding address. The issue has been resolved. Mail can be sent to 150 Boulevard, Suite 1, Washington, NJ  07882.

Thank you!

CASA SHaW's Response To The COVID-19/Coronavirus

The health and safety of our CASA volunteers, staff and the community we serve is our primary responsibility here at CASA of Somerset, Hunterdon and Warren Counties (CASA SHaW). After discussions with staff, our Board of Trustees and CASA of New Jersey we are taking the following steps within our nonprofit and keeping our community updated with information as we receive it during this time of uncertainty.

- Our CASA SHaW Washington office will be closed to the public until the State of New Jersey's "Stay At Home" policy is lifted, but our staff will continue to be available remotely via email, text, phone and/or video.

- In-person CASA visits are suspended indefinitely. Advocates will be doing FaceTime/Skype/phone calls, etc. with their CASA kids at least once every two weeks. Weekly remote visits are best. Some of the kids are very nervous, and having regular contact can help ease their anxiety.

- Court hearings will continue as scheduled, but they will be held remotely. There is a point person identified for each county to liaise with the court for hearings.

- Our staff will be working off-site. If a staff member must go into our office, they have been mandated to wipe down common surfaces like the phone, the copier, door handle, etc. with cleaning wipes.

- We have begun to embark on, and will continue to do, online and video-based communication with our CASAs to stay connected.

- Our annual event and fundraiser, CASAblanca, has been canceled and we are in the process of generating innovative, fun ways for our community help support CASA SHaW in the future.

Please continue to take common sense precautions - wash your hands, practice social distancing and be especially careful if you are over the age of 65 or if you have existing respiratory issues. Thank you all for your understanding and your ongoing commitment to the children we serve. We appreciate you and look forward to seeing you again very soon.

Norwescap Service Update

For individuals in our community who service children in the Warren County region, Norwescap has provided service updates on their blog here. They will continue to update this service list as changes occur. Check back occasionally to view any and all changes.


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